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By our incorporation as Chandrahas Technologies Private Limited, we aim to make digital India smarter. Our expansion motivates us to work on principals set forward by us during the start of Ethical Hackers Club in 2011. Our initiatives towards nation remain same and we walk forward with affordable smart tech IoT development & the ease of Digitization. Although we are running to fast for nations development, I personally assure we havent left behind the ethics of Ethical Hackers Club for providing free cyber security support to victims & defence.

Shivam Goswami,



how to be safe from hackers

Completing education as masters in Cyber Security & Programming Shivam Goswami decided to use his skills for the welfare of society. By his aim to support cybersecurity in India Goswami started an initiative to provide free cybersecurity support & legal advice to victims of cybercrime.

With the launch of Website How to be safe from hackers in 2011, Goswami engaged his skills for providing free support.


Ethical Hackers Club

Being India’s only free cybersecurity support site How To Be Safe From Hackers gained tremendous views and publicity. Increasing number of queries urged the need for the team of like-minded IT professionals to support the noble cause. The idea was supported by the friends of Shivam and the website was now decided to be transformed into Ethical Hackers Club. It was now that the efforts moved from a website to social media platforms with the Facebook page. Ethical Hackers Club was decided to be open for cybersecurity professionals to come together in order to boost the cause of free cybersecurity support. 

Indian Ethics were now global when by 2016 Ethical Hackers Club was recognized as a body to provide support to more then 12000 Victims facing cyber crime attacks.

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Secret to success & ehc

Ethical Hackers Club was now an official Trademark owned by Shivam Goswami. With the mission to stop scams of Ethical Hacking in India Shivam and his team decided to incorporate a partnership firm by the name of Secret to Success & EHC. The motive behind the firm was to provide free cybersecurity education and to enhance the career of youth in India. being the part of Secret to Success & EHC our team has guided over 16000 students to make proper career decisions and have trained over 1760 Cybersecurity professionals working in NSA, Indian Army, and Airforce. Within a year Secret to Success has been part of 13 hackathons across Globe and has hosted over 1200 Seminars and guest lectures on cybersecurity awareness.



Chandrahas technologies pvt. ltd.

In order to open job opportunities in India Secret to Success & EHC was further expanded with an incorporation of an IT company Chandrahas Technologies Private Limited. Chandrahas Technologies Started with its core service of Cyber Security With our expansion to Chandrahas technologies Private Limited our core service of Cybersecurity was globally available and further, the company also include services like Web Development, Custom Software Development, Enterprise Software and Web Application Development, ERPs Android application, Website Development, Hosting Infrastructure provider, Digital Marketing, SEO Services & Animation Services.

Since october 2017 Chandrahas Technologies has been the most preferable Development company for small business and large enterprises .


Acquisition for iot development

Building blocks of Digital India were now achieved by Chandrahas technologies offerring affordable digitization services. It was now the time to move towards smarter India leaving digital India Behind.

In February 2018, Chandrahas Technologies acquired Brahmasir Technologies and IoT Development Company. In an exclusive merger, Chandrahas Technologies supports the growth of smart India & boosts the culture of make In India by the development of IoT Devices, Automation Systems, Smart Glasses, Smart Mirrors & complete smart tech cities development. Chandrahas & Brahmasir are together looking forward to a tech-savvy smart India.

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