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Smart home automation and intuitive control of lighting, multiroom audio, heating, security, shading, energy management, and more…

A complete solution for your smart home.

Smart home with AutomatiCH® just knows what to do. It can play the music you want to hear – customized for each room, can create the right atmosphere with lighting moods, and can make sure every room is always at the perfect temperature. If you want multiple features, they can all work together to ensure a level of intelligent automation that is only possible with AutomatiCH®.


Thanks to AutomatiCH’s intelligent lighting control, lighting in your home always knows when it’s needed. When you enter a room, the correct lighting mood is activated automatically, taking into account the existing level of light in the room.

Multiroom Audio

With multiroom audio, you can play and control music throughout the different rooms in your home. You can play relaxing music in the lounge while the children listen to an audiobook in their bedroom.

Access Control

Renovate the way you and your guests access your home. Use a secure key fob or a PIN code as an alternative to keys, opt for an HD video intercom that lets you see and speak with visitors even when you’re not at home.

Room Climate

Your rooms have different objectives and, therefore, should be different temperatures. With AutomatiCH, you can precisely control the temperature of each room in your home ensuring that every room is always at the perfect temperature.

Blind Control

Venetian blinds, roller blinds, curtains, and even awnings can perfectly be controlled with AutomatiCH. Room getting too hot on a sunny day? The blinds will automatically come down to stop this.


Security in an AutomatiCH Smart Home is multifaceted: it protects against break-ins, protects occupants from danger such as fires or water leaks, guards the building, and keeps your data private so you can relax and enjoy your time at home or out.

Energy Management

With AutomatiCH your home lighting, heating, shading, and a lot more. All work together in the most efficient way possible to reduce your energy consumption.


Swimming Pool care can be complicated. pH regulation, purifying water, filtering, backwashing, rinsing and much more. Luckily an AutomatiCH Smart Home can take care of all this for you.


With automated control of your sauna, heat, light, and music are all taken care of so your health and relaxation retreat fits your needs perfectly.


We Are AutomatiCH

At AutomatiCH, we offer professional and certified smart home installation & automation. From architecture design through to MEP, interior, electrical installation & maintenance, we deliver full-service automation to your home or business.

We have an expert team of designers, project managers, civil engineers, and electrical engineers who are passionate about every part of the construction & automation process.
In fact, we live and breathe automation so we can bring the best advice, products, and service to our clients. We work with our in-house custom hand-picked automation devices specially designed for every individual home and business need. Whether you’re looking to secure your home, install a multiroom audio system, optimize your energy use, or all of the above, we can help. We’ve got an abundance of, smart home solutions and commercial automation systems.
As India’s first smart home manufacturer, we pride ourselves on being one of the best smart home companies in India, maintaining a high standard for home automation across India and the middle-east. So stop googling ‘smart home installation India’ & start talking with the experts.

Create a smart home with AutomatiCH.

AutomatiCH Expert Team

Install only what’s necessary 

Your space!… your way! We won’t come in and sell you the technology you don’t need or won’t use.

We understand your lifestyle

It’s our job to understand your lifestyle and how you use your space and to identify where automation will help. From smart-switches, motion sensor lighting to blind automation, or might be looking to reduce your environmental footprint and your energy bill. Perhaps you’re looking for peace of mind when you’re away, with a world-class home security system that lets you access through your mobile from wherever you are. Or maybe you want to kit out that basement with a top of the range home cinema installation.
And why not? With our tailored business and home automation designs, we will walk you through all the possibilities and features to revolutionise the way you live, work and entertain. What’s more brilliant is that the possibilities continue to change and evolve with time.
That’s why we love what we do, it’s great to be at the forefront of innovation and be able to see how that transforms lives every day. We work closely with our clients to ensure the automation system they choose will exceed expectations both now and well into the future.

Endless benefits with AutomatiCH

Benefits include energy cost savings, enhanced comfort and peace of mind. Whether you are looking for some advice on a smart home lighting system, multi zone heating control systems, or smart home blinds, we can offer you advise and the best solutions available to integrate and automate any feature or task. Allowing you to create an environment that makes you more productive & relaxed. 

We think that’s pretty awesome.

In fact, studies show it can save your 50,000 tasks a year! From switching lights on and off numerous times a day to arming and disarming the security system, all these tasks become a process of past with a smart home or business.

We love nothing more than handing over a completed project after a business or home automation installation and seeing clients experience their automation for the first time. 

That’s how we do what we do.

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