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AutomatiCH – Worlds leading IoT Infrastructure, Manufacturing and Development company.

India’s only Industry 4.0 Manufacturing and Development Company.


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Chandrahas Technologies shapes a successful Internet of Things (IoT) environment for a smarter tomorrow. 

We implement a mature end-to-end Internet of Things platform that can connect the core of your lifestyle to the edge of the network.

We innovate your ideas into a digital pattern of codes making people amazed in a moment. Our team is curious and we love producing things creatively and our imaginative program leaves people speechless! And that’s the reason why our clients prefer us.

AutomatiCH Farm Automation

AutomatiCH Smart Farming is empowering farmers to overcome the enormous hurdles they face. Making agriculture independent from unexpected and harmful environmental and power outage variations by the use of latest Technology. 

Build IoT

Gain end-to-end visibility of your connected business to leverage existing enterprise systems while expanding the capabilities of IoT. 

AutomatiCH Smart Home

Streamline your smart home system with the AutomatiCH Smart Home Apps and Gadgets. Compatible with every smartphone operating system, the all-in-one home automation app is designed to give you access to all your connected devices in one place. With AutomatiCH, you have the flexibility to monitor and control your home’s temperature, locks, lights, garage door, and even every electrical appliance from virtually anywhere.

Smart Homes & Integrated Buildings.

Your home is your special possession, and we are here to help you manage it with the smartness of luxury. With AutomatiCH, you can now control your electrical devices, Manage your home security and moderate your electrical consumption from anywhere in the world through our easy to use Smartphone Apps.

AutomatiCH™ Smart Farming

AutomatiCH for farm automation was born to address the farmer’s irrigation needs at an affordable cost. Chandrahas Technologies develops and Manufactures Irrigation Systems/Controllers to help farmers to grow more with less water, labour and electricity. Easy to irrigate, fertilize and flush water filter through mobile phones and avoids odd hour farm visits. The controller supports basic time, volume and sensor-based precision irrigation. It also supports wired and wireless valve/sensor connections. Supports irrigation resolutions from few seconds to minutes.

Most convenient way to farm with the easy of comfort.

The future of farming and agricultural industries is reliant on connected technologies.

AutomatiCH™ Valves Cobtrol

Control Valves with the touch of your smartphone using our smart Farm solutions.

AutomatiCH™ Pump Control

Enables farmers to control and monitor farm pumps by our user-friendly Apps


AutomatiCH™ is India’s first ever comprehensive and affordable home automation & Farm automation solution.


Switch on/off all your electrical appliances (Light, Fan, A.C, TV, Geysers, etc.) including two dimmer options with your smartphone from anywhere.


Powered with proprietary Protocol AutomatiCH™ offers the fastest smart home experience.


Completely Full-Proof and Wireless Home Security with 2 Year Guarantee + 2 Years Warranty.


AutomatiCH™ Smart Home Automation can be integrated with Amazon Echo and Google Home. Now control your home using voice commands.


Clip and Connect Technology enables our switch modules to be installed behind or beside any switchboard within 10 minutes.

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