IoT “Internet of Things” & Home Automation

IoT or Internet of Things relates to devices that can be connected to the internet and can be communicated via the internet. Many of devices that are mentioned below are typically used in the context of Home Automation. The purpose of Home Automation is to make homes safer, secure and convenient for the occupants. Many devices mentioned here would provide such safety, security, and comfort as part of Home Automation, for instance



Which includes sensors like Door Sensors, Windows Glass Break Sensors, Gas Leak Sensors, Occupancy Sensors, Motion Sensors for safety monitoring, health monitoring, equipment monitoring



Which includes switch gears and electronic control switches.



Typically these are devices that control the switches and plug points at home. These switches can be used for lighting, dimming, fans, speed control, curtain motor control or more.


Appliances or Equipment

these include sensors and actuators integrated into the appliances such as microwaves, refrigerators or equipment such as MRI machines, hydraulic presses and more.



AutomatiCH™ smart app feature that allows users to communicate with guests at their door with the remote surveillance through cctv cameras.



These are used to control all IR devices like Air Conditioners, Fans, Heaters, TV’s, STB, Music systems and more that exist in the home;

About Home Automation

In the past, Home Automation devices worked locally when users were present in the home. The user would use either dedicated electronic displays that connected with these devices, or they would use remotes. Now, most of these devices that are mentioned above can be connected to the internet and communicate with the user irrespective of their location as long as the user has access to the internet and often use any device connected to the internet (E.g. computers, tablets, phones). So Home Automation devices have frequently become part of the “internet of things”. Most of the people in the country are keen to experience a reality where the Internet of Things (IoT) devices could make their lives easier as they would be able to monitor and manage their home appliances remotely in real time. The report ‘India IoT’ published by Tata Communications revealed that more than 65 percent people suffer anxiety over leaving lights or other devices on when they are away from home or for the safety of their home and believe that connected technology could help alleviate this.

IoT devices can make your home smarter and helps you add more safety, security, convenience, control, and conservation of your home devices. Know more what AutomatiCH offers in home automation 

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