The Best Smart Home Devices To Control Your Airbnb Rental Villas.

Smart home devices can help you better manage your Airbnb or Other Short-term Rental Villas. AutomatiCH™ is here with some of the best.
If you’ve decided to make some extra cash by using your home or second property as an Airbnb, Makemytrip, or other short-term rentals then you’re probably looking for ways to make your customer experience luxurious.
Smart home devices can help you ease the burden of running an Airbnb / short-term rental and give you some simple ways to make your guest’s stay more safe and comfortable. But which smart items should you use, and which ones should you avoid? AutomatiCH is here to answer your question.

Why Choose Smart Home Products for Your Airbnb?

The best part about AutomatiCH Smart Home products is that they offer remote access to information about your property. You can monitor who is arriving, give temporary access, and keep up on potential safety hazards before they become a security nightmare.
AutomatiCH Smart Home products are relatively inexpensive to set up, and you can control many of them directly from your smartphone. Your guests will also appreciate the liberty that certain smart home products provide. Some guests are even willing to pay a premium to keep interactions with the Airbnb host to a minimum.
But as a host, you need to make sure your investment stays protected. That means you’ll need a way to monitor what’s happening with your property when you’re not around. AutomatiCH Smart home devices can help you. They can also provide factual data about your Airbnb rental that helps solve disputes and back up insurance claims.

Which Smart Home Devices Are Best for Your Airbnb Villa?

The best devices for your Airbnb Villa usually fall into five categories. Keep in mind, there are many different options for each category, so it’s best to consult with AutomatiCH Experts to assist you in finding the best product that works for you.
Additionally, these are not the only devices that you should consider. The world of AutomatiCH smart home products is vast, and while some outlying devices, like AutomatiCH Smart irrigation controllers, will work well for some, this list features the most common devices that will work well for everyone.

1. Outdoor Security Cameras

Security cameras are a staple of any Airbnb setup. They offer the owner of the property an option to monitor arrivals and departures. As a property owner, outdoor security cameras can keep guests honest.
Cameras also demonstrate that the property is monitored, which can prevent wild parties or bad behavior. Moreover, this is something that many guests consider the mark of a professionally maintained property. These cameras are also relatively inexpensive.
You should note that while outdoor cameras are a must, indoor cameras are highly discouraged for Airbnb rentals. Guests should always have privacy when they need it, and indoor cameras violate this privacy. Unfortunately, the practice of installing indoor cameras has led to many hated stories. While it might be tempting to install a camera indoors to monitor common areas, “just in case,” AutomatiCH never suggests such behavior.
Finally, it’s a good idea to disclose to your guests that you have cameras on the property. No one enjoys being recorded without their consent. And also it’s illegal to record someone without their permission. You should always check your local laws before installing any security camera or recording device.

2. AutomatiCH Smart Locks

The AutomatiCH Smart lock is a wonderful invention for Airbnb hosts, which offers two main benefits. The first is the ability to allow and limit access to the property. That means you can provide guests with an access code that works for the duration of their stay. With a smart lock, the days of hiding keys are over.
The second benefit here is the ability to log arrival and departure times. If you ever have billing issues, booking overlaps, or insurance claims, knowing exactly when a guest arrived and departed is integral to untangling the mess. Additionally, If you have firm house rules about checkout and check-in times, smart locks can allow access only during specific hours.

3. Smart Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

If you’re concerned about indoor smoking, as many Airbnb hosts, smoke detectors are also a great line of defense. Detectors in plain view demonstrate that you care about the property, and in many cases, they are enough to discourage any sneaky smoking. These detectors will also alert you if a fire breaks out or if someone is smoking.
More importantly, detectors will notify you if carbon monoxide becomes an issue. Because this gas is odorless and tasteless, it can cause harm to guests without their knowledge. Working carbon monoxide detectors are the best way to avoid a dangerous situation.

4. Smart Light Switches

The final items you should always consider installing in your Airbnb are AutomatiCH smart Touch Switches. Smart lighting is ubiquitous in homes these days, but most rentals can also benefit from remote lighting control. Guests arriving after nightfall will appreciate not having to stumble around in the pitch. You’ll benefit from saving money by leaving lights off when the rental unit isn’t in use.
Set lights to turn on at gloom or adjust them manually. When the unit is empty, you can set a lighting schedule to minimize break-ins. And, if someone forgets to turn a light off when they check out, you won’t be stuck paying for extra electricity. Just tap on your smartphone and take care of it yourself.

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