Social Media Marketer Job Purpose:

Combine marketing and social media management skills to architect and enhance company social media presence, including interacting with customers through calls, WhatsApp, social media, chat & IM platforms, promoting brand-focused interactive and engaging content, and expanding revenue opportunities. Works with social media team members to create innovative social media campaigns.

Social Media Marketing Skills and Qualifications:

Degree in Communications or Marketing, One to Two Years of Experience with Social Media Management, Marketing Experience, Content Creation, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Web Design and Strategy, Data Collection and Analysis, Technology Skills, Strong Verbal and Written Communication Skills, Attention to Detail, Self-Motivated, Creative Problem-Solving Skills, Experience with Major Social Media Platforms.

Social Media Marketing Job Duties & Targets:

  • Post Companies Marketing Material through social media, IM & Chat platforms.
  • Creates marketing and social media campaigns and strategies, including budget planning, content ideation, and implementation schedules
  • Ensures brand consistency in marketing and social media messages by working with various company department members, including advertising, product development, and brand management
  • Collects customer data and analyses interactions and visits, plus uses this information to create comprehensive reports and improve future marketing strategies and campaigns.
  • Reports progress to senior marketing management.
  • Grows and expands company social media presence into new social media platforms, plus increases presence on existing platforms including Whatsapp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Researches and monitors the activity of company competitors
  • Creates and distributes engaging written or graphic content in the form of e-newsletters, web pages, and blog content, or social media messages.
  • Handle company CRM to enter relevant positive customer lead data. 
  • Make initial calls and interact with expected customer prospects to explain company services, products & offers. 
  • Complete minimum of daily 2hrs of constructive Talktime through phone conversations. 
  • Generate and upload a minimum of 15 constructive leads for companies’ products & services.


The company holds the right to terminate if the objectives of the assigned task are not being met.

Confidential Information Policies:

Any trade secret or other information which is confidential or commercially sensitive and which is not in the public domain (other than through the wrongful disclosure by the Employee) and which belongs to any Company (whether stored or recorded in documentary or electronic form) and which (without limitation) relates to the business methods, management systems, marketing plans, strategic plans, finances, new or maturing business opportunities, marketing activities, processes, inventions, designs or similar of Company, or to which Company owes a duty of confidentiality to any third party.

Term and Probation Period:

  1. It is understood and agreed that the first three months of employment shall constitute a probationary period (“Probationary Period”) during which period the Employer may, in its absolute discretion, terminate the Employee’s employment, without assigning any reasons and without notice or cause.
  2. After the end of the Probationary Period, the Employer may decide to confirm the Employment of the Employee, in its sole discretion. 
  3. It is understood and agreed that only 25% of the agreed monthly salary will be payable during the probationary (probation) period.

Performance of Duties: 

The Employee/marketer agrees that during the Employment Period, he/she shall devote his/her full business time to the business affairs of the Company and shall perform the duties assigned to him/her faithfully and efficiently, and shall endeavor, to the best of his/her abilities to achieve the goals and adhere to the parameters set by the Company.
It is understood and agreed that the employee/marketer will not be involved in the promotion of any third-party promotional contents, any such activity will be considered for immediate termination of the employee/marketer.

Obligations of the Employee: 

  1. Upon execution of the agreement, the Employee/marketer shall not engage in any sort of theft, fraud, misrepresentation, or any other illegal act neither in the employment space nor outside the premise of employment. If he/she shall do so, the Company shall not be liable for such an act done at his own risk.
  2. The Employee/marketer further promises to never engage in any theft of the Employer’s property or attempt to defraud/defame the Employer in any manner.
  3. The Employee/marketer shall always ensure that his/her conduct is in accordance with all the rules, regulations, and policies of the Company as notified from time to time.
  4. The Employee/marketer shall not take up part-time or full-time employment or consultation with any other party or be involved in any other business during the term of his/her employment with the Company.
  5. The Employee shall always ensure that his/her conduct is in accordance with all the rules, regulations, and policies of the Company as notified from time to time, including but not limited to Leave Policy and Sexual Harassment Policy.
  6. The Employer/marketer hereby prohibits the Employee from engaging in any sexual harassment and the Employee/marketer promises to refrain from any form of sexual harassment during the course of employment in and around the premise of employment. If the Employee/marketer violates this term in the policies, he shall be fully responsible for his/her actions and the Employer shall not be held responsible for any illegal acts committed at the discretion of the Employee and in any of such case the Employer holds all rights to terminate the employment with immediate effect.

Competing Businesses :

During the Term of employment and for a period of one (1) year after the termination of employment, the Employee agrees not to engage in any employment, consulting, or other activity that competes with the business, proposed business, or business interests of the Employer, without the Employer’s prior written consent.

Confidentiality :

  1. The Employee/marketer acknowledges that, in the course of performing and fulfilling his duties hereunder, he may have access to and be entrusted with confidential information concerning the present and contemplated financial status and activities of the Employer, the disclosure of any of which confidential information to the competitors of the Employer would be highly detrimental to the interests of the Employer. 
  2. The Employee/marketer further acknowledges and agrees that the right to maintain the confidentiality of trade secrets, source code, website information, business plans or client information, or other confidential or proprietary information, for the purpose of enabling the other party such information constitute a proprietary right which the Employer is entitled to protect.
  3. Accordingly, the Employee/marketer covenants and agrees with the Employer that he will not, under any circumstance during the continuance of this arrangement, disclose any such confidential information to any person, firm, or corporation, nor shall he use the same, except as required in the normal course of his engagement hereunder, and even after the termination of employment, he shall not disclose or make use of the same or cause any of confidential information to be disclosed in any manner.
  4. The Employer owns any intellectual property created by the Employee/marketer during the course of the employment, or in relation to a certain field, and he shall thereon have all the necessary rights to retain it. After termination of employment, the Employee/marketer shall not impose any rights on the intellectual property created. Any source code, software, or other intellectual property developed, including but not limited to website design or functionality that was created by the employee, during the course of employment under this Agreement, shall belong to the Employer.

Attendance Policies:

Punctual and regular attendance is an essential responsibility of each employee & contract labour at Chandrahas Technologies Pvt Ltd. Employees, Marketers & contract labours are expected to report to work as scheduled on time or as per the requirements suggested by job role and prepared to start working. Employees also are expected to remain at work for their entire work schedule. Late arrival, early departure, or other absences from scheduled hours are disruptive and must be avoided.

This policy does not apply to absences covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act. These exceptions are described in separate policies.

Absence Policy: 

“Absence” is defined as the failure of an employee to report for work when he or she is scheduled to work. The two types of absences are defined below:

“Absence” is defined as the failure of an employee to report for work when he or she is scheduled to work. The two types of absences are defined below:

  • Excused absence occurs when all the following conditions are met:
  • The employee provides to his or her supervisor sufficient notice at least 48 hours in advance of the absence.
  • The absence request is approved in advance by the employee’s supervisor.
  • The employee has sufficient accrued paid time off (PTO) to cover the absence.
  • Unexcused absence occurs when any of the above conditions are not met. If it is necessary for an employee to be absent or late for work because of an illness or an emergency, the employee must notify his or her supervisor no later than the employee’s scheduled starting time on that same day. If the employee is unable to call, he or she must have someone make the call.

Work From Home Absence due to lack of performance:

The company initiates work from home opportunities for dedicated candidates to work from the comfort of their home with full-time dedication. It is very difficult for the company to monitor the attendance of every candidate due to lack of physical presence, in such case company relies completely on the performance of the candidate and the basic target will be considered as daily attendance.
In such a situation, failure of achievement of the minimum daily target will be considered as absence for the day.
Any such absence will be considered as Deductions for absence from duty.


Each paragraph of this policy shall be and remain separate from and independent of and severable from all and any other paragraphs herein except where otherwise indicated by the context of the agreement. The decision or declaration that one or more of the paragraphs are null and void shall have no effect on the remaining paragraphs of this agreement.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction:

This policy shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India. Each party hereby irrevocably submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Palghar District – Maharashtra, for the adjudication of any dispute hereunder or in connection herewith.

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