Aren’t you frustrated, searching for hidden home keys every time? Do you forget your home keys often? Or concerned about your home security? No worries, it’s time to upgrade to AutomatiCH Smart Door Lock. A smart door lock is one of the best additions when it comes to investment in smart home solutions. These electronic door locks are sleek and high on features that complement your front door along with improved convenience and security.
Here’s our complete guide on AutomatiCH Smart Door locks and why you should have one in your smart home.

1. What is Smart Door Lock?

Smart Door locks are simple and easy to use key-less electronic door locks that let you open your main door without using any physical key. Using smart technology protocols like Bluetooth, WiFi, and Z-Wave, Smart Door lock can be operated via touch, voice, or a simple smartphone app that makes the entry point of your home more comfortable, smarter, and secure.

These electronic door locks can be a perfect replacement of your old doorknobs if you are looking for smart and interior-friendly additions in your smart home. 

2. Types of Smart Door Lock

One of the biggest USP of electronic door locks is that they require minimal effort for access. Although, there are many smart lock models available in the market, here are five popular types widely used in modern homes across the globe.

3. Fingerprint and Biometric Smart Door Lock

In this type of smart lock, the door can easily be unlocked by using your fingerprint in the form of a biometric password. Once your fingerprint matches with existing data in system memory, the door will be opened automatically. If there is any data mismatch or security breach, a smart lock sends a real-time alert. Usually, in case of any malfunction or technical glitch, this type of electronic door locks will have backup data for access. It can be done at the backend by admin or other users, as defined by the homeowner.

4. Smart Touch and Keypad Combination Lock

This type of combination keypad comes with a traditional keypad that allows you to enter the passcode to open the door. This also includes a sleek touch interface that can be used alternatively to access the main entrance. It is available in multiple combinations like keypad touch deadbolt lock, touch deadbolt, and knob lock, etc.

5. Smart Phone Accessible Lock

This type of smart digital locks can be accessed with the one tap using the smartphone, which is connected via Bluetooth, Mobile Data, or WiFi. This type of locks can be controlled entirely through smartphones and also allows you to give virtual keys to friends, family, or anyone known to you for a limited time.

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