Smart Blinds

Get your blinds to do more than just protect you from the sun.

Our intelligently-automated smart blind system saves you from constantly having to adjust your blinds. However, that’s not all it does. It uses solar energy to heat your rooms cost-effectively, protects you and your privacy, automatically ensures comfortable temperatures, and alot more.

Individual Room Control 

We understand that different rooms have different purposes and therefore shouldn’t always be the same temperature. A pleasantly cool 18° in the bedroom, a comfortably warm 23° in the bathroom and a cosy 21.5° in the living room. With AutomatiCH you can enjoy perfect temperatures around-the-clock thanks to our individual room control. All of this is done automatically so you can relax.

AutomatiCH Intelligent HVAC

Self-learning to ensure perfection

If you want a room to be 21° by 6 pm it will be exactly that. That’s because the smart heating and cooling control available with AutomatiCH intelligently learns so it knows what time to start heating a room to ensure it has reached your desired temperature at your desired time.

Far more than just shading

With AutomatiCH, your blinds will take care of a multiple tasks.

Storm Protection

If you have external shutters or awnings and a heavy storm occurs, these will automatically retract to protect against wind damage.

Wake up with light

Be gently brought out of your sleep by natural light – with AutomatiCH your blinds will automatically raise in the morning to bring you out of your slumber.

Presence Simulation

Even if you’re on vacation, your shading system will know how to operate along with lighting to make it look as if the home isn’t empty.

Temperature Management

In the summer, your blinds will help to prevent your rooms from becoming too hot. In the winter, they will help maintaining some of the warmth in. This is all done automatically.

Flexible Groups

With AutomatiCH you can group your blinds. Decide how many you want and what sets of blinds should go in each group – then you can control these groups as one.

Solar Optimisation

Your AutomatiCH system will know where the sun is and what the temperature is. It uses this information to adjust the blinds and heat your rooms via natural sources for smartly saving energy.


Works with any type of shading

Easily control Venetian blinds, roller blinds, hurricane shutters, awnings, and more.

Privacy Protection

At sunset, your blinds will automatically close to offer you some privacy from the outside world.

Child Lock

If you have young children, you can enable our Child Lock feature. This will temporarily disable the switches to prevent the little ones from adjusting the blinds. While this is enabled you can still operate the blinds via the app.

Adjusts based on the time of day

As the sun goes up or down, so will your blinds. So you always wake up in tune with natural light and go to sleep in privacy.

Flexible grouping for simple control

Choose which individual blinds should be controlled as one unit, or separately.

Unlimited Flexibility.

Whether it’s underfloor heating, infrared panels or traditional radiators – gas, oil or a heat pump. Our smart heating system will work regardless of the heating source; ensuring that each room is always the perfect temperature.

Intuitive control 

Our smart heating system automatically ensures that each room is at the correct temperature around-the-clock. However, should you wish to make any changes to the schedule you can do so from within the Smart App at any time.
You can also set any room into three pre-defined modes. In Use (room temperature corresponds to your comfort temperature), Not In Use (room temperature stays within a pre-defined economical range), Off (room temperature remains above Frost Protection and below Overheat Protection).

Products for smart shading control

Working along with sensors, weather data, HVAC systems, and more, your shading system uses its fullest potential with our complete product range.

  • Devices know how to control blinds according to your specified settings
  • View the current position of blinds, and move them, in your favorite Smart Home App
  • HVAC system and shading control work together for cost-effective heating
  • Products work not only for sun protection but also security, heating & cooling.
AutomatiCH Heating Control


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