Quality Assurance & Testing

Quality assurance & Testing of the product is an essential business process. We deliver enterprises the kind of products to match their high standards and brand image.

Chandrahas Technologies quality assurance engineers implement stringent quality assurance and testing including business cycle tests, white box unit testing, load balancing, database integrity, usability, security, performance, verification and acceptance tests throughout software development process to identify bugs and achieve extraordinary quality deliverables.


Whether you need testing on mobile, web or for personalized solutions, we hand pick our highly ambitious software engineers and quality analysts with best matching expertise for real-time collaboration to work in complete sync with your project needs, presenting you well-tested applications.

Functional and Regression Testing

Securing that all aspects of the software are working correctly after changes without functionality decline.

Performance & Load Testing

Experimental technical research of speed and scalability, and authorizing performance characteristics.

Application Security Assurance Testing

Installing security in SDLC to eliminate design flaws, oversight, bugs and handling associated risks.

GUI and Usability Testing

Testing design specifications, the impact of app usage and people’s sensations triggered by the product.

Installation / Configuration Testing

Monitoring that the application is configured successfully and performing as anticipated after the installation

Localization Testing

Customizing limited version of the product for the target culture and communication of specific location.

Accessibility Testing

Ensuring that the application is usable by disadvantaged people having feebleness like hearing, blindness.

System / Integration Testing

Combining and testing each smallest testable unit of the application in multiple ways before validation.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Exact users test the software before launch to ensure that it can efficiently handle real-world scenarios.

Testing Platforms


Utilization examination for excellent and consistent desktop activities for the users. We cover functionality in all situations to inquire how desktop space adjusts establishments, apps stack up against peak requirements and resume the following anxiety.


Scalability, pressure, significance, production, functionality, usability, protection, interface experiment and browser adaptability methods employed by our quality testers warrant that the app will work perfectly and comfortably accepted by the end-users.


Paramount mobile quality-testing clarifications that begin with creating test cases for the utilization, achieving user acceptance tests and ultimately device testing. QA test survey report by QA supervisor evaluates the variety of testing applications.

Our Quality Approach


Right from the beginning of a project to its practical testing, deployment, and product quality metrics, every point of our quality testing and assurance lifecycle is well defined. Our QA and development teams work together on rebounding processes for each replication, permitting us to respond immediately to variations.




It is essentially the software planning reference document that describes the scope, approach, resources, and schedule of an intended test activity.



Evaluating software applications based on certain attributes to check its usability in operational mode, aligned to client’s requirements.


Quality Control

Employing a set of procedures to deliver applications that meet quality business goals at the best value to our valued clients.

Our Process

Right from the inception of a project to its functional testing, deployment, and product quality metrics, every phase of our quality testing and assurance lifecycle is well defined. Our QA and development teams work together on resilient processes for each iteration, allowing us to respond quickly to changes.


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