Our IT outsourcing service enable businesses to create a more cost-effective and compassionate IT infrastructure that enables rapid acknowledgment to develop market provisions.

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Our IT Outsourcing policies are more scalable, agile, secure and responsive to every business needs.

Deep skills and experience

We’ve been involved in IT Outsourcing pursuit for over 6 years and have approximately 60 professionals performing infrastructure-related work around the world.

Industrialized approach

We apply proven and reusable tools, methods, and manners to ensure that our work is carried out consistently around the world and with scarcer risk.

Global Reach

We have 20 integrated delivery centers for infrastructure services, offering 24-7 service whenever and wherever it is needed.

Vendor independence

We’re the world’s largest technology-independent strategy and IT solutions provider. We have strong and longstanding relationships with a number of technology providers who work with us to deliver market-leading solutions that best meet our clients’ needs.


IT Spending Management

Economical hardware and software costs, reduce telecommunications expenses by up to 20 percent and curb exposure to software license audit penalties by up to 80 percent.

Managed Security Operations

Comprehensive tools including identity management, intrusion, and firewall protection and end-user device and messaging security.

Network Outsourcing

Establish a more secure and robust network infrastructure, depreciate network downtime and reduce network operating costs 10 percent to 20 percent.

Workplace Outsourcing

Provide a more secure, enduring environment that can reduce total cost of IT ownership up to 40 percent.

Infrastructure Capacity Services

Highly skilled professionals to bolster capacity or provide specialized capabilities.

Cross-Functional Service

A business-led, service-oriented approach to IT management that reduce the need for manual interaction and enable the platform to respond to demand to requests.

Service Desk And Workplace Outsourcing

We provide help desk support to more than 1.3 million end users and generate client value several ways and end-to-end management of distributed, secure computing environments, focusing on desktop management, field support, file and print, mobility, thin client and messaging.

Reduced risk through federated multi-site support, enabled by global processes and tools.

Support for long- or short-term volume changes with flexible staffing options.

Industrialized troubleshooting and support processes.

Accelerated migration and refresh programs, on average 33 percent faster.

Improved user productivity with faster software rollout and self-service tools.

More consistent policies and process that lower total costs of ownership as much as 40 percent.

IT Spend Management

We apply a structured, disciplined approach to lower costs across the enterprise. For all clients, we manage more than $2 billion in total expenditures.

Our services include managed IT procurement, software license management, and telecommunications expense management process outsourcing. Leveraging our vast ecosystem of suppliers, we have helped our clients achieve:

Telecom spending reductions of as much as 20 percent.

Lower spending on hardware and software.

Reduced exposure to software license audit penalties by as much as 80 percent.

Managed Security Operations

Our identity, access and risk management services offer:

Resolution of IT security issues around the globe before business operations and image are affected.

Building security that’s vendor- and technology-neutral to keep pace with change in real time.

Secure systems, applications, and data for a global and mobile workforce.

Stepped-up data accuracy for corporate, regulatory and license compliance.

Network Outsourcing

Our services, which include infrastructure monitoring and telephony management, provide:

  • Increased network scalability and location independence.
  • Minimized unplanned network downtime to less than 1 percent.
  • Reduced costs by 10 percent to 20 percent through right-sizing, consolidation and sourcing optimization.
  • Improved detection and response to prioritized security threats.