Supreme Email Marketing, Made Manageable.

Email marketing is sending a business message, typically to a group of people, using Mail.

Professional emails begin with customizable templates.

First, move. When fall. Editing is that simple. Our director performs it easy to customize the email template of your decision to look like the company your consumers know.

Automatically transfer the right message at the right time.

Personalized hospitality, birthday, and ceremony emails.

Personalized Mails create connections, and our autoresponder performs it easy. Design a personalized Mail once, and set it to transmit automatically for triggers like birthdays or a patron event.

Set a group for your association lists.

Install it and forget it functionality. When you add new contacts to your automated list, they’ll start getting a recorded list of Mails. Your audience stays interested and eager to take action.

Contact management, with fewer of the “management.”

Easily upload your Mail list from Excel, Gmail, Outlook, and more. We’ll check the rest: unsubscribes, bounces and dormant Mails refresh automatically.

Arrange your message in a figure of more people. Track your success in real time.

Success send and post your Mails on your group networks (we’ll suggest the captions and images) all at once. Our email tracking tools tell you who’s opening, clicking, and receiving your Mails and friendly posts in real time, so you can plan your next steps.

surprised 98% of Regular Contact Mails hit consumers’ inboxes. Only 77% of regular email does.